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Why did you develop Notesero ?

The idea initially came about because on numerous occasions you hear the same old comment - ‘I meant to remind you about that’!


So the idea was born. What if you could remind someone about something at the appropriate location and send a reminder to your friend or family member there and then. And because you can send the reminder at the exact time you think about it, you don’t have to worry about remembering to remind the person!


What’s the difference between ‘Reminders’ and ‘Notes’?

Reminders are as the word suggests, you need to remind someone to take action on something. However, because Notesero is useful for all types of things, reminders do not always fit the appropriate action. You may want to leave a note for someone, not because you need them to take action but it could be some advice or to make them smile when they reach the location. 

For example, you might want to leave a note at a great restaurant you’ve eaten at and you know a friend is also in that neck of the woods at the weekend. You can let your friend know that the restaurant does great food and would suggest trying it out. When your friend gets close to that restaurant, Notesero will show your note on their device. There’s nothing quite like a friend recommendation!


Why Do I Need To Choose ‘Always Use My Location’ On My Phone?

For Notesero to function properly and remind you of things, even when the app is not running, ‘Always Use My Location’ is necessary. Notesero uses something called ‘Region Monitoring’ and it is this monitoring that allows Notesero to remind you of something when you reach a region. It is unable to do this if your location is set to ‘Whilst Using The App’ or ‘Never’


Does That Mean You Are Always Tracking My Location?

Absolutely not. Contrary to popular belief this is not the case at all. In fact your location is only monitored when needed, as you start to approach a reminder. Other than that it is not using your location. And when it is monitoring your location it is doing this at device level using GPS so your location is never transmitted.


Do You Store My Location?

No. Due to the way Notesero works, there’s absolutely no need for us to store your location anywhere. The only locations we store in the cloud are the coordinates for reminders you have set and reminders from your friends. We have no need to store you or your friends location. 


Doesn’t ‘Always Use My Location’ Use A Lot Of Battery?

No. Based on our testing you’ll notice little battery difference when using Notesero. The fact is, Notesero is not always monitoring your location. It is only monitoring very infrequently (when you get close to a reminder or note).  Even though the location setting is ‘Always Use My Location’ it’s not actually always monitoring your location.


What Is A Public Beta?

A public beta is software that is not quite ready for prime time. It means we are still working on it, adding new features and trying to squash bugs. It’s generally software that isn’t ready for the App Store just yet and we’d like to get some feedback from people like yourself to understand what you like and don’t like.

Anyone can join the public beta and use Notesero but need to be aware that it’s not the finished product. Public beta means you are able to try it out for yourself before it’s available on the App Store.


Notesero Is Not Reminding Me When I Get To A Location?

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that location is set to ‘Always’ for Notesero, see the above explanation in terms of location.

Go to Settings on your device, choose Privacy, tap on Location Services, find Notesero from the list and set to ‘Always’ from Allow Location Services.


If Location Services is set to always, check where you placed the marker on the map. Reminders and Notes have a 100m radius so when you place a pin on the map it’s a good idea to zoom in nice and close when you place the pin to ensure it’s in the right place.


A reminder will not trigger if you place a reminder or note at a place you are currently. For example, if you place a note or reminder on your house whilst sitting on your sofa, the reminder won’t trigger until you next arrive home. 





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