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Simply type your reminder and choose a location.

Select a friend, a family member or yourself to remind.

Get on with your life! Notesero will trigger the reminder at the correct location.


You decide who your friends are. Simply search for a friend or family member and send them a friend request. They will need to accept your request before either of you can send a reminder.

You’re in full control.


You’ll always be able to see your reminders. Not only can you see your own reminders but also reminders you have sent friends and family.

Simply tap on a marker on the map and view the detail. You’ll also have the option to mark it as complete or delete it if you created it.


You can quickly access a full list of all your reminders whether they are from friends and family or ones you’ve created for yourself.

Notesero also offers realtime search so you can find a reminder quickly and easily.


Notesero stores your reminders in the cloud so you can be sure that if you ever lose your device or buy a new one, you can simply login and you’ll see all your reminders just as they were.


You can use Notesero in a number of different ways, let’s look at some examples.

Personal Shopper!

If a friend or family member is going into town, place a reminder near the retailer to ask them to pick up an item for you. They’ll get reminded as soon as they are near the shop.

Going On Vacation?

If you have a friend or family member who’s been there before, ask them to place reminders at restaurants or the best beaches. Not only will you be able to see the markers on the map but you’ll also be reminded when you pass that great restaurant suggestion. 

Peace Of Mind…

If you have children you can place a reminder at their school and/or a reminder at home. When they arrive at either location, you’ll be notified that they have arrived safely.

Pour The Drinks, I’m On My Way!

Place a reminder near your home for your husband or wife and you’ll be notified when the reminder triggers so you can get get the coffee on or perhaps pour a nice glass of red!

Pick Up The Groceries

Need to pick up some groceries in the next few days. Leave yourself a reminder with the things you need at your local grocery store. When you do have time to stop and pick up some items you won’t forget anything.

The Notesero Public Beta Is Now Available

If you would like to try Notesero, tap the button below and we’ll drop you an email explaining how you can install it.

The first thing you’ll need to do is download TestFlight from the App Store, this is how we distribute Notesero.

Due to being in beta there will be some bugs, we are working on them and we continue to push out new updates frequently.

Most importantly, we would really love to hear your feedback, both good and bad…thank you!

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